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          About Us

          Add︰No. 145, Liyatang Industrial Zone, Lincun Village, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
          Contact︰yoyo tel: 138 2528 6981
                    Mr.Lai el: 138 8604 7763 


          Make good use of quality, win by quality, continue to improve customer satisfaction.
          Innovation, pragmatism, commitment, mutual benefit and win win.

          Meanwhile︰People oriented: establish a people-oriented management concept. Respect and care for employees, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of all staff, and let employees and enterprises develop together.
          Harmonious and orderly: perfect system, smooth government decrees, sensitive information, timely communication, clear interface and harmonious coordination.
          Honesty and law-abiding: honesty, trustworthiness, promise, integrity, integrity, compliance, strict discipline and good social image.
          Protect the environment: improve environmental awareness, standardize production and living behavior, save energy and reduce consumption, prevent pollution, control emissions, carry out green construction, and create a beautiful environment.
          Ensure safety: strengthen safety awareness, improve working conditions, strengthen labor protection, prevent occupational diseases, occupational health and safety, and make employees and interested parties satisfied.
          Casting brand: adhere to quality first. Carefully organize, strengthen the control of the construction process, constantly improve the technology and management level, and strive to make every project a brand of enterprise to ensure the quality of the product to the customer satisfaction.
          Clear responsibilities and responsibilities: improve the sense of responsibility, improve the management system, establish and improve the post responsibility system of personnel at all levels, and make clear the responsibilities and responsibilities.
          Continuous improvement: through the innovation management, enrich and perfect, make the quality, environment and occupation health and safety management system continue to improve.
          Striving for excellence: advancing with the times, adapting to new challenges, transcending ourselves, pursuing perfection, building first-class projects and creating famous brand enterprises.

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          Add:No. 145, Liyatang Industrial Zone, Lincun Village, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
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