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          Human Resources

          Add︰No. 145, Liyatang Industrial Zone, Lincun Village, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
          Contact︰yoyo tel: 138 2528 6981
                    Mr.Lai el: 138 8604 7763 

          The following professional talents are needed for the development of the company︰

          Recruitment position︰

          一、Accounting Clerk
          1、Accounting related major
          2、Proficient in operating office software
          3、Relevant work experience is preferred

          二、Foreign Trade Commissioner / Assistant
          Job requirements
          1、Male or female, college degree or above, international trade or English related majors, more than 2 years working experience.
          2、English level four or above, able to communicate with foreign customers by telephone and skilled in writing English mail.。
          3、Passionate about sales, extrovert, passion and good team spirit.
          4、Familiar with foreign trade sales process, good communication and compression ability. Experience in large customer development and network transformer sales is preferred.

          三、Quality Engineer / product R & D Engineer
          1、Male and female, 23-40 years old, college degree or above, electronics, mechanical major, more than 2 years experience in designing network magnetic components.
          2、We will design magnetic components, and have knowledge of raw materials (cores, skeletons, enameled wires, etc.).
          3、CAD and other drawing software, proficient in using OFFICE and other office software.
          4、Good business etiquette, good negotiation and communication skills, able to read and write English.
          5、Strong sense of teamwork, self-confidence and courage to face challenges.

          四、ME Engineer / transformer / magnetoelectric Engineer / Electronic Engineer / Technician / electronic component engineer
          Recruitment number︰2
          1、Familiar with equipment debugging for high frequency transformer and power transformer production.
          2、Familiar with the production and improvement of related treatment tools, familiar with AUTO-CAD and so on.
          3、It will debug the eight axis machine of the Japanese special machine and the German axis machine.
          4、More than 3 years of technical experience in transformer plant

          Once the above position is applied for the best treatment. The willing person can call the company︰0769-89177717

          We will call for an interview. Thank you!


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