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          2018 Spring Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show
          瀏覽次數︰849次 發布日期︰2018-04-09

          A brief introduction to the Hongkong Electronic Exhibition of global resources:

          Exhibition Name: 2018 universal resources spring Electronics Show
          Holding time: 2018, 04 - 11 - 14, exhibition four days.
          Venue: Asia International Expo (Hongkong Airport Express line one minute to arrive)
          Admission: only for persons aged 18 or above (admission fee: HK $50 per person).
          Host: global resources
          Exhibition scale: four days, 600 well-known brands, 3700 exhibitors, 64000 buyers, from 135 countries and regions.
          The last scale︰
          Global resources autumn electronics exhibition is hosted by universal resources. In 2016, a total of more than 3500 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, attracting 64000 professional audiences from 135 countries and regions to visit the site. 

          Global resources 2018 spring exhibition area of Hongkong Electronics Exhibition ︰
          1.Electronic products exhibition - audio-visual consumer products, automotive electronics and navigation systems, i-world, computer and surrounding, digital images, electronic accessories, personal electronic products, household appliances, video games, electronic health, office automation, security products, telecommunications, trade and business services.
          2.Component exhibition - component exhibition area: all kinds of electronic components and accessories, components, electronic materials, electronic equipment, motor motor, inductor, instrument and instrument optical instruments and tools. Optoelectronic display area. Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition Area.


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